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The Video Library:  39 video lessons with a professional teacher (3 teaching videos in each lesson)
Bonus: 16 Tales of Imagination and 21 Poetry Selections
The Resource Centre: 156 exercises on Grammar, Vocabulary, Tests and Games


The ENGLISH FastForward Video Library has lessons for learners of all levels.

Understand and remember new vocabulary more easily, through the teacher’s vivid examples of real life situations in which these words are commonly used.
Learn useful strategies to improve your reading with helpful explanations for the correct answers.
Improve your listening skills, pronunciation, intonation and spelling through dictations and focused activities.

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The ENGLISH FastForward Resource Centre contains a collection of language practice activities.

You can work independently to improve your reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing. In addition, practice with new idioms and proverbs will give you more confidence, tests will help you diagnose areas that can be improved through further practice and language games will allow you to have fun while learning!

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Improve your listening, reading speed, pronunciation and spelling with this multi-purpose videobook!

Listening: Look at the tapescript as you listen and then listen without it.

Reading Speed: Read along silently with the tapescript.

Pronunciation: Copy the native speaker’s clear pronunciation. stress and intonation.

Spelling: Look at the words as you listen, to develop a visual memory of the spelling

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